Photos for Uplands Cheese Farm

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Uplands Cheese winter
Uplands Cheese winter 2.03 m .jpg
Valley bottom grass
Valley bottom grass 12 m .jpg
Uplands Cheese family photo
Uplands Cheese family photo 14.5 m .jpg
Uplands Cheese
Uplands Cheese 12.2 m .jpg
Sunrise over hay bales
Sunrise over hay bales 9.59 m .jpg
Rotational grazing
Rotational grazing 21.1 m .jpg
One of our favorite cows
One of our favorite cows 5.5 m .jpg
Barn at sunrise
Barn at sunrise 15.2 m .jpg
North pasture
North pasture 12.7 m .jpg
Coming in for milking
Coming in for milking 14.9 m .jpg